Heny's Custom Shop

Heny's Custom Shop

For those that wanted to customize their Heny experience and create a look all their own, we launched Heny's Customs Shop.  This is not a one-off create your own sunglasses (yet), but rather for those who are looking to make a difference on a more grand scale.

With the Heny Custom Shop you can:

  • Get any of our standard colors with your brand / logo etched on the lens.*
  • Get any of our standard colors with your brand / logo printed inside on the arm of the sunglasses.*
  • For the more ambitious crowd, Heny can produce a limited-edition custom color scheme just for you.*
  • If you want to follow the Heny KISS way, we can add your logo to the packaging as an easy cost effective solution.*

Heny is a great option for:

  • Charity fundraisers
  • Non-profit fundraisers
  • Education fundraisers
  • Corporate events
  • Personal events
  • Basically anything you want

We also offer purchase discounts on our standard product lines for non-profits and charities with proof of status.

For more information: heny@henyhq.com

*Minimum orders for custom etching, printing or customized logos placements.  Limited edition colors and styles are based on prior approval and availability.  Any and all customized Heny production sales are final, and not eligible for returns or refunds.  Terms and conditions to be agreed upon at time of order.