About Heny

Heny was born from the idea of two children as a way to help those in need. Around mid 2021, we were sitting in Chicago traffic and a homeless man came to the car asking for money. Our 7 y/o said, "why is he was asking for money?"  We went on to explain, the best way possible for that age, that sometimes people just need help. Our 11 y/o chimed in and said "let's start a business to do something about it, but can we help the environment too?" 

As we discussed ideas, and now driving into the sun, I had forgot my sunglasses. I looked back and my son had on a broken one armed pair of sunglasses, so I asked to borrow them.  At that point, from the back seat, we heard, "sunglasses, let's make sunglasses, and can we make them recycled?" My response was that "its a very crowded space and it would be hard to compete against the big companies", of which the response form the back seat was, "who wouldn't want to buy sunglasses that helped people and the planet?"

With a smile on my face, I told them, "ok we will start a sunglasses company, but you two need to help with it". We talked about it the who way to our destination, we came up with a name, we chose colors, and off we went. Heny Sunglasses came to life through a teaching moment. We launched with 1 style in 5 color combinations chosen by the children, and made sure they were made of recycled materials. 

We then came up with the Heny Promise: Heny will give 5% of all profits to charity and non-profit organizations & we will always carry at least one line of recycled materials sunglasses.

So if you have a favorite charity or non-profit, reach out, we would be happy to add them to our giving roster, or customize limited-edition colors for special orders!

Thank you for caring.  Thank you for giving back.  Thank you for making a difference.

Questions? Contact us at: heny@henyhq.com